I have added a Twitter account to the site - I will only post quick updates to the account (status messages etc.). Feel free to follow if you want. In other news:
1. The deadline for all EC work has been set for both classes - see the class calendar for details. No work will be accepted past this date.
2. The deadline for all work (besides test 4 paper if you are writing it) has been set. See the class schedule for specific details.
3. Office hours for the week before Finals will be appointment only to insure that I have time to get grades updated etc. You may still stop by, but please be courteous to both me and my fellow adjunct professors.
4. Starting the week after Thanksgiving, test answers/test packets will only be available during office hours. Absolutely no appointments for picking them up will be made/honored.
5. Starting the week after Thanksgiving, I will not be able to respond as quickly to emails. Please keep this in mind as you contact me. Most answers to questions can be found on the class website or in the class syllabus.


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