A couple of quick announcements for both Developmental and Intro Psych :
1. Please be respectful of the other professors in the Adjunct office. I am available only during my office hours (like I have announced in class). Outside of these times I am no longer available for meetings due to the amount of work that needs to be completed the next two weeks.
2. Please make sure to check the course website frequently these next two weeks - information regarding deadlines will be posted there. These deadlines will be strictly enforced.
3. I will attempt to keep grades updated on the website as much as possible. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME ASKING FOR YOUR GRADE.
4. Deadlines for extra credit will be strictly enforced.
5. No extra credit assignment handed in which does not meet the requirements/guidelines will be considered for a grade. For example, test papers to replace low test grades WITHOUT appropriate citations will be automatically disqualified. EC papers without citations will also be disqualified. Please check and make sure that you are following the guidelines that I have set forth. All information can be found on the class website under the appropriate class link.
6. You may wish to add the Twitter feed if you have Twitter - I will be updating that as I update grade sheets, assignments, etc.
7. Please contact me ASAP if you feel that there is any discrepancy regarding your grade.
8. Please contact me ASAP for rescheduling of finals. You must give me corroborating evidence if you wish - I will not hold finals early. The deadline for rescheduling is the Friday before Finals week.


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