As I have read some of the papers, there are some errors which are appearing in most of them. 
-->One of the most common, and most costly as far as points are concerned, is the lack of citations or the incorrect citation of a source. Remember, for the Developmental classes, you are REQUIRED to use APA style (see the Paper Information page for more information on this style). For this first paper, this has cost only 10 points. For the next paper however, it will receive a zero, as is stated in your syllabus and in the course plagiarism policy.
--> Another mistake is the paper lacks a works cited page. This is helpful in making sure that you have the correct article being cited - and is a requirement.
--> Do NOT use direct quotes unless absolutely necessary (and it is hardly ever absolutely necessary). This weakens the argument that you are trying to make - namely that you understand the majority of the material that the author is presnting. Use your own words.
--> Keep paragraphs/sentences limited on one main idea. Any more and they can become confusing/hard to understand/read.
--> Cite only primary articles (articles that you have actually read). Secondary citations should be in the appropriate format (see the Owl at Purdue for more information regarding secondary sources).



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