The first test is over. Now that that is over - and before you get your scores - what did you think about the test? Was it to long? To short? To hard? To Easy? Do you feel that the time you spent studying for it was well spent? Let me know - post your reaction anonymously by using the comment section below. And see what your classmates thought of it as well. I will use constructive comments/criticisms to help create future tests. I just reviewed the form - evidently it asks for your name and email addy - you have to put text in here, but you do not have to put in your name - just type something.**OBSCENE COMMENTS WILL BE REMOVED**


Veronica Soria

09/16/2009 19:29:43

well i studied a lot for the test! because you had stated that your tests were really hard, the test i thought had just enough questions and i do believe that the time i spent studying was well worth it and worth while!



09/17/2009 06:59:26

I think the test overall went pretty well. The length was fine. Was hard but I studied a ton and prepared enough for it. The examples could have been a little more clear on some of the questions.



09/17/2009 07:36:09

I studied a lot for the test. However I felt the test was hard. Some of the wording of the questions seem to have thrown me off. I think next time I study I will study farther into the review sheet and not just learn the words.


Jordan Bremer

09/17/2009 08:04:55

I thought that the test had a good variety of easy and tough questions. I do think that the time I spent studying was worth it, but I think that I could have spent more time preparing for this test.


Casey Clark

09/17/2009 08:23:39

I studied a great deal due to the fact that you said that the test had a high failure rate. I think that my studying was very necessary and I could have probably studied more. Over all I don't think that the test was more than I expected.


Miley Cyrus

09/17/2009 08:46:42

I filled out the study guide and thought that when i got to the test, i really didn't need to know all of the information becuaes the test had only about 1/2 the information on it. The test was a good length and hardness. I liked picking my own essay question. All and all the test went well.


Ally Rawlings

09/17/2009 08:48:29

I thought it was challenging and very interesting. I am really glad that I spent a lot of time studying for it because if I didn't it would have been much much harder.


McKynlie Miller

09/17/2009 08:58:15

I studied a couple nights before the test and did the review guide that you had posted. I think that the test had a good number of questions and the essay questions weren't too hard or too easy. I think that the time I took studying was well worth it and I hope that my hard work paid off.



09/17/2009 09:25:00

I spent a ton of time studying, by taking the quizzes on that free text website & reading over my notes, but I still didn't feel ready. I don't feel very confident about my score at all... The essay question is usually what saves me on tests like this, but since we weren't given specific topics on what it might be on I didn't do so well.



09/17/2009 09:36:12

I felt that the test was fair. It was not too hard but not too easy. I studied a little bit, but I took psychology in high school too so I remembered some of it. I like the answer key idea. It reminds me of grade school and high school tests (ITBS and ITEDS). I thought it was a pretty lengthy test, but it wasn't too bad.



09/17/2009 12:14:05

I thought the review was really hard to study for. There was so much information on it and with only 50 question obviously not all of it was going to be on there so I tried to pick out the most important things. With such a large review I found it difficult to study.

As for the test... Some of the questions and answers seemed like more than one answer was reasonable. But I liked having multiple choice.

I think maybe a more condensed and specific review would help.



09/17/2009 12:19:42

I studied for a long time and I felt like I was guessing the whole test. It was definitely not easy. The test was the perfect length though.



09/17/2009 16:15:07

I thought it was appropriately difficult. I felt slightly overwhelmed by the number of chapters we had to cover and the threat of it being a hard test, so I studied a great deal -- the study guide was immensely helpful.


Raine Allen

09/17/2009 16:19:57

I spent a lot of time studying for this test because I was worried I wouldn't be prepared enough for the test, but I was able to easily answer most of the questions so my studying was definately worth it. I did not think the test was too difficult.


Samm Rich

09/17/2009 19:11:23

Well, I didn't think the test was that difficult, because I covered most everything we have learned so far--including everything we learned today (Developmental Psychology)--last year in my high school Psychology class. I think the questions were good though, because they weren't too easy, and they made you think about what you have learned.



09/17/2009 21:26:17

I thought that the test went rather well. I didn't study much for it, I looked over my notes a few times and read chapter one. I thought it was a good length and had a good level of difficulty to it.



09/18/2009 08:23:59

You said that the tests would be difficult, so I studied a lot, and I'm glad I did. The test wasn't exactly extremely hard, but I'm glad I studied a lot because I felt really prepared. The questions were good, they weren't too easy, but the wording was clear so I could understand what you were asking.



09/18/2009 09:42:29

I spent quite a lot of time studying. I did every question and the review and went back through all the chapters for details on certain things I didn't understand. I thought that the questions themselves were fair and carefully worded. I feel like I did well on the test, but whether it was because I prepared well or it was just easy I am not sure.



09/18/2009 10:20:07

I think the tested covered things well and the study guide really helped prepare. I like when there are situational problems and not just memorizing the terms. It wasn't too easy or too hard. For that many chapters though, it may have been more useful to have more questions to cover each section.



09/18/2009 10:21:47

I studied quite a bit and did the study guide which i felt was very helpful. It was over a lot of chapters which was somewhat overwhelming but the test was not as bad and my time spent studying helped. I thought 50 questions was appropriate, but wish we would have been given practice essays like told we would at beginning of semester. Overall thought it was set up well, it wasn't too easy but not impossible.



09/18/2009 11:17:53



09/18/2009 11:19:52

I thought the test went really well. I was really worried about it because you said it was hard, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it could be. However, the wording of the essays were kind of hard to understand.


Jamie Perry

09/18/2009 13:22:48

For my first College test it was exactly what i expected. I knew it was going to be a tough test so i studied hard and therefore it wasn't bad at all. I also thought the questions were easy to read and understand if you knew the material. I put in a lot of time and i know it paid off!


psych learner

09/18/2009 14:48:26

I thought that the test went well. I believe that the powerpoints are a great way to study for a test. I made flash cards over each powerpoint slide and studied those nights before the test.

I also liked the choice of being able to choose my essay question of the three. I thought the first essay question was very difficult and do not remember learning about that anywhere or in the book.

Also, the reviw sheet was very straightforward and very beneficial and seemed to cover the test very much.



09/18/2009 18:46:17

The study guide was very helpful and I don't know what I would've done without it. Some of the questions were easy, but some of them were difficult. The difficult ones I thought were little details that we wouldn't need to know, but overall the test was what I expected


Tucker Max

09/19/2009 10:54:24

I studied a lot, did the study guide and did the "Rehearse It" in the book. I thought the test overall was easy, but the Essay questions were worded weird and could be explained better.



09/19/2009 12:43:15

I studied hard for this test, and I think it was very appropriate for what we covered in class and what was included in the book.



09/19/2009 15:07:49

I think I could have studied more then I did but the time that I studied was in depth thorough studying. I expected the test to be extremely hard but the questions seemed to be a little easier then expected. I think it had a good mixture of easy and hard.



09/20/2009 08:06:59

I thought the test went well. I studied pretty hard for it and was glad that i had.



09/20/2009 10:13:24

I liked that we got to choose from 3 essay questions. I thought that the test overall went well. I thought it would be a lot worse than it actually was. I studied for the test weeks before like you said to do and I think that helped rather than cramming it all in the night before. The review of your website really helped but some questions were slightly difficult like the assimilation/accommodation and life-span approach questions.



09/20/2009 13:08:37

I thought the test was pretty solid. I am really grateful for the study guide but it by no means made the test easy. I really liked the questions that APPLIED the knowledge, and not just a regurgitation of information.



09/20/2009 17:51:06

I studied for the test a long time and i felt the test went well overall. It was good length.



09/20/2009 20:49:34

I felt the test was a fair test. It was difficult enough that you had to study, but it was not ridiculously hard. The test was a fair judgement on knowledge. It was a challenge, but a fair challenge.


Slim Shady

09/20/2009 21:42:37

I thought your test was fine. I studied hard and thought that I did just fine. I think it was the kind of test that if I hadn't studied I would have found it very difficult. But then that would be my own stupid fault. I also liked being able to choose between the essay questions.



09/21/2009 08:20:13

I thought the test was fine. I studied hard for it and the questions were just right none of them were too hard.
I think though that the next one will be a lot more easy because I know what to expect now.



09/21/2009 08:59:53

The test was fine. I studied for about 3 hours though. I liked how the questions were easy to understand. They were more geared toward the meaning of the processes as opposed to just know what the words meant. It was a fair test.


psych studdent

09/21/2009 12:51:29

I was thankful for the length of the test being what it was. I felt that the amount of questions on the test were planned out very well, i had enough time to complete the test without feeling rushed and panicked. I enjoyed the fact that we were able to choose from 3 essay questions and I would be happy if all our tests were similar to this one.



09/21/2009 18:28:09

I felt I could have prepared more but some of the questions were worded funny and that threw me off. I liked how we got to pick the essay question and it was not a tone of writing.


Brandon Boyd

09/22/2009 07:47:03

I was happy with the test. The questions weren't so easy that I felt that my studying was pointless. Length was appropriate. Also, I liked that there was a short answer/essay question on there because we were able to show you we actually knew what was going on and that we weren't just good guessers on bubble tests.



09/22/2009 11:07:07

I studied for the test a few days before taking it and tried to review my notes each day. When we got the study guide I was a little overwhelmed, but eventually got that done too. The test didn't seem very difficult to me, but I did do a lot of studying.


i wonder

09/24/2009 13:27:10

I thought the test was pretty good. not too hard or too easy. I studied a lot and felt pretty prepared. The length was good to, maybe a little long. Over all I thought the test was suffice. The study guide was really helpful.


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