1. The answers posted outside my door contain an error. #50 on Version 1 and #20 on Version 2 are incorrect. #50 should be D while # 20 should be C. I apologize for any confusion.

2. Some students have correctly pointed out that there were some errors made on the key (some were marked incorrect while they were correct). I will be going back through the tests and manually checking those numbers which were marked incorrect on my keys. Grades will be changed accordingly (if you got the answer right you will be given the points back, if it was counted as correct it will remain correct). While I make every effort to ensure that my keys are correct, sometime errors do occur. One of the reasons that I post the keys is to allow you to check to see what mistakes you have made and to make sure that your grade is reasonable. The formula for how to get your grade is at the end of this email.

3. On March 10th, there will be an EC opportunity. We will have finished the adolescent developmental period and will be starting on the young adult section. Dr. Adam Butler will be giving a talk on College student employment and alcohol use. For 5 points EC - attend the talk and take notes. Write a short (1-2 page) summary of the talk and your response to it, attaching your notes to the paper. The paper will be due on March 12th. No late or early submissions will be accepted. Only IN CLASS submissions will be given EC. I will be making a similar announcement in class on Wednesday, but will not be making another announcement regarding this opportunity.

4. When submitting assignments to me via email, please use the following subject line. <Assignment >: Dev Psych : Assignment where <Assignment> is the assignment's name. For example, if emailing Case Study 2, the subject line should read : Case Study 2 : Dev Psych : Assignment. This will help me flag assignments and make sure that I do not overlook them or forget to give you credit. Please note that I am not responsible for late or missing assignments due to email errors - if you do not receive an email confirmation from me, I did not receive it. The assignment is considered received only when you have heard back from me to that effect.


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