The first of three discussion days is coming up quickly. To help the day go as smoothly as possible, please read this email carefully as it details my expectations for you. Please remember that you are required to attend two of the three discussion days, you can, however, at your choice attend all three sessions if you wish. You will receive a grade for these days.

Basic Rules:
1. Participate. Come prepared to discuss the topic for the day. I will introduce the topic and pose a question within the first 5 minutes of class. After that, it will be entirely up to you (the class) to move the topic in any direction that you wish. If you do not come prepared and do not talk, you will sit in silence doing nothing else for the rest of the class period.

2. Be respectful of others opinions, even if you don't agree with them. The purpose of the discussion is to start a dialog about an issue that is relevant to Developmental psychology. Disrespectful comments will not be tolerated and you will be asked  to leave the room and will receive no credit for the session.

You may find it useful to create a document with talking points that you want to talk about. This will help by giving you a sheet that you can reference throughout the discussion. You may also wish to do outside research to help support your conclusions.

Some possible talking points for Rites of Passage include (this is not an all inclusive list, and everything on it does not need to be discussed):
What are some common rites of passage in different cultures?
Does the United States have a rite of passage for women? Men?
  If yes, then at what age does it occur?
  If no, should one be established?
What are some benefits of having a rite of passage? Drawbacks?

Again, the above list is not all inclusive, and there are many different angles that this topic can be addressed from. Your answers should be based on research or at least well thought out. Simply saying "I think that the US should have a rite of passage" is not acceptable. Why should the US have a rite of passage? Any problems with the establishment of the rite of passage throughout the US? How would you address the critics that say that there shouldn't be a rite of passage in the US?

Please note that the more work you put into this assignment, the better it will turn out and the more interesting the discussion will be. You will be leading class discussion - my role in the day will be to facilitate, clarify, and grade the discussion.


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