If you are reading this, then you want to know more about me and my research interests. I am originally from Kimball, Ne (pop. 2500) and graduated from Kimball High in 2000. After graduation, I attended WNCC - Sidney (worldwide headquarters of Cabela's) for two years to get my general eds. out of the way. After graduating with my Associates degree, I transferred to the University of Wyoming where I got a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. While at the University of Wyoming, I worked in Dr. Matt Gray's clinical psychology lab, where I worked as a vignette rater and abstractor. While I enjoyed working in his lab, I knew that Clinical psychology was not for me. After taking a year off of school to recharge, I came to UNI in 2006 where I worked under Dr. Helen Harton in Social Psychology. I graduated UNI with a Master's degree in Social Psychology where I currently teach Developmental and Introduction to Psychology.

My research interests include attitude change, why we have specific attitudes regarding victims of trauma, and why those attitudes vary if liability can be attributed to the victim as well as many other interests.

I also enjoy free-writing in my spare time - and post my efforts on my blog www.freewriting3.blogspot.com.

Below please find a copy of my personal calendar. If you cannot make my office hours, you can use this to set up a time to meet with me.

Prof. Gibb