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The current section is : # 4
Chapters Included : 20 - Epilogue (Bio Dev/Adulthood - Death and Grieving)

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Case Studies:
Case Study 1
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Case Study 3  Example 1  Example 2
Case Study 4 A and B

Case Study 5
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Case Study 7
Case Study 8

Case Study 9         Use Chapter 24 to complete this case study - not chapter 23.
Case Study 10 A  B
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Paper 3 Information:
Click here to access the journal Developmental Psychology. If you are using a UNI networked computer, click on 'Table of Contents' and you should be able to browse the publication. Otherwise, you will need to sign in to Rod Library in order to get access to the journal.

The guidelines for Paper 3 are as follows:
1. Your article must be no older than 2000 to count for this assignment.
2. The age range is Late childhood to Death (approx. age 7 - 99).

While you can use an article from a different journal, IT MUST BE APPROVED BY ME. Once the article is approved by me, you will receive a sheet with my signature on it that MUST accompany the final draft of the paper.

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