Please find attached a .pdf file that contains the most recent paper list. If you name does not have a check under 'Paper 3' it means that I do not have your paper. It is your responsibly to make sure that I have received your file - if you sent it via email and your name does not have a check by it, I did not receive your email. Please check the course guidelines for all appropriate information regarding emailing me assignments.

As a reminder, I have opened the test paper option to all previous tests. The guidelines for this assignment can be found on the class website. Please note that the deadline (the date that the papers will be accepted) is one week from Friday. Please also note that the test paper for test 4 is due the day of the fourth test. I will not accept test papers via email or early/late. I do not revise test papers. I will give zeros for test papers that do not include the appropriate citations. Test papers CANNOT be written for tests that you have received a zero (0) grade for.

Please also note that I am closing the PSPM system as of this Friday. If you have already scheduled an experiment that will meet after this Friday, it is your responsibility to notify me of it. I will not give credit for experiments completed after this Friday unless I have previously cleared it. As of this email, I have not cleared any experiments to be completed after this Friday. 

Case study 7 will be posted later tonight and will be due Wednesday. I will make this announcement in class tomorrow.

Please check the course calendar as there are alot of due dates coming up.

Also, starting next week I will no longer be able to meet by appointment. Previou
The first of three discussion days is coming up quickly. To help the day go as smoothly as possible, please read this email carefully as it details my expectations for you. Please remember that you are required to attend two of the three discussion days, you can, however, at your choice attend all three sessions if you wish. You will receive a grade for these days.

Basic Rules:
1. Participate. Come prepared to discuss the topic for the day. I will introduce the topic and pose a question within the first 5 minutes of class. After that, it will be entirely up to you (the class) to move the topic in any direction that you wish. If you do not come prepared and do not talk, you will sit in silence doing nothing else for the rest of the class period.

2. Be respectful of others opinions, even if you don't agree with them. The purpose of the discussion is to start a dialog about an issue that is relevant to Developmental psychology. Disrespectful comments will not be tolerated and you will be asked  to leave the room and will receive no credit for the session.

You may find it useful to create a document with talking points that you want to talk about. This will help by giving you a sheet that you can reference throughout the discussion. You may also wish to do outside research to help support your conclusions.

Some possible talking points for Rites of Passage include (this is not an all inclusive list, and everything on it does not need to be discussed):
What are some common rites of passage in different cultures?
Does the United States have a rite of passage for women? Men?
  If yes, then at what age does it occur?
  If no, should one be established?
What are some benefits of having a rite of passage? Drawbacks?

Again, the above list is not all inclusive, and there are many different angles that this topic can be addressed from. Your answers should be based on research or at least well thought out. Simply saying "I think that the US should have a rite of passage" is not acceptable. Why should the US have a rite of passage? Any problems with the establishment of the rite of passage throughout the US? How would you address the critics that say that there shouldn't be a rite of passage in the US?

Please note that the more work you put into this assignment, the better it will turn out and the more interesting the discussion will be. You will be leading class discussion - my role in the day will be to facilitate, clarify, and grade the discussion.
Class -

You should have check marks in the following columns -

Column  1 (Paper 1 Rough Draft).
Column  2 (Paper 1 Rough Draft + Paper 1 Final Draft) - if either are missing you will not see a check mark against your name.
  If you have not turned in the final draft - see the class late work policy for grade reductions.
  If you have not turned in the rough draft - it is worth 10 points on the final draft. It must be turned in no later than Friday, March 5 (class time).

Test Paper - you would have a check mark here if you completed the test paper for test 1.
1. The answers posted outside my door contain an error. #50 on Version 1 and #20 on Version 2 are incorrect. #50 should be D while # 20 should be C. I apologize for any confusion.

2. Some students have correctly pointed out that there were some errors made on the key (some were marked incorrect while they were correct). I will be going back through the tests and manually checking those numbers which were marked incorrect on my keys. Grades will be changed accordingly (if you got the answer right you will be given the points back, if it was counted as correct it will remain correct). While I make every effort to ensure that my keys are correct, sometime errors do occur. One of the reasons that I post the keys is to allow you to check to see what mistakes you have made and to make sure that your grade is reasonable. The formula for how to get your grade is at the end of this email.

3. On March 10th, there will be an EC opportunity. We will have finished the adolescent developmental period and will be starting on the young adult section. Dr. Adam Butler will be giving a talk on College student employment and alcohol use. For 5 points EC - attend the talk and take notes. Write a short (1-2 page) summary of the talk and your response to it, attaching your notes to the paper. The paper will be due on March 12th. No late or early submissions will be accepted. Only IN CLASS submissions will be given EC. I will be making a similar announcement in class on Wednesday, but will not be making another announcement regarding this opportunity.

4. When submitting assignments to me via email, please use the following subject line. <Assignment >: Dev Psych : Assignment where <Assignment> is the assignment's name. For example, if emailing Case Study 2, the subject line should read : Case Study 2 : Dev Psych : Assignment. This will help me flag assignments and make sure that I do not overlook them or forget to give you credit. Please note that I am not responsible for late or missing assignments due to email errors - if you do not receive an email confirmation from me, I did not receive it. The assignment is considered received only when you have heard back from me to that effect.
Spring 2010 01/10/2010
Please visit your class page and complete the survey. Lets make this a great semester!
A couple of quick announcements for both Developmental and Intro Psych :
1. Please be respectful of the other professors in the Adjunct office. I am available only during my office hours (like I have announced in class). Outside of these times I am no longer available for meetings due to the amount of work that needs to be completed the next two weeks.
2. Please make sure to check the course website frequently these next two weeks - information regarding deadlines will be posted there. These deadlines will be strictly enforced.
3. I will attempt to keep grades updated on the website as much as possible. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME ASKING FOR YOUR GRADE.
4. Deadlines for extra credit will be strictly enforced.
5. No extra credit assignment handed in which does not meet the requirements/guidelines will be considered for a grade. For example, test papers to replace low test grades WITHOUT appropriate citations will be automatically disqualified. EC papers without citations will also be disqualified. Please check and make sure that you are following the guidelines that I have set forth. All information can be found on the class website under the appropriate class link.
6. You may wish to add the Twitter feed if you have Twitter - I will be updating that as I update grade sheets, assignments, etc.
7. Please contact me ASAP if you feel that there is any discrepancy regarding your grade.
8. Please contact me ASAP for rescheduling of finals. You must give me corroborating evidence if you wish - I will not hold finals early. The deadline for rescheduling is the Friday before Finals week.
I have uploaded a grade posting sheet to the site. Please check and make sure all point totals are where they should be - Case study 10 is not included. If you did not put your posting ID on the scantron, it was recorded as a zero. This is temporary and will be remedied as soon as possible. If you are interested in what the distribution of the grades for the class looks like, you can click on the 'chart' option in the lower - if you do, you will notice that the majority of the averages are between 70 (D+) and 90 (B+). Good job guys!!!
Class -
I have uploaded a grade list to the site. EORC (earned outside research credit) is how many research credits I am showing for your student Id as of 11/16/09. If you click on the 'chart1' link at the bottom, you can see the distribution of scores for the class - notice that most scores are between 60 (F) and 100 (A). Good job guys!!
You have until December 4th to earn research credits (for both class requirement and extra credit).
I have created a survey that is Homework 4. Please complete it by Wednesday, November 18.
I have added a Twitter account to the site - I will only post quick updates to the account (status messages etc.). Feel free to follow if you want. In other news:
1. The deadline for all EC work has been set for both classes - see the class calendar for details. No work will be accepted past this date.
2. The deadline for all work (besides test 4 paper if you are writing it) has been set. See the class schedule for specific details.
3. Office hours for the week before Finals will be appointment only to insure that I have time to get grades updated etc. You may still stop by, but please be courteous to both me and my fellow adjunct professors.
4. Starting the week after Thanksgiving, test answers/test packets will only be available during office hours. Absolutely no appointments for picking them up will be made/honored.
5. Starting the week after Thanksgiving, I will not be able to respond as quickly to emails. Please keep this in mind as you contact me. Most answers to questions can be found on the class website or in the class syllabus.