Please find attached a .pdf file that contains the most recent paper list. If you name does not have a check under 'Paper 3' it means that I do not have your paper. It is your responsibly to make sure that I have received your file - if you sent it via email and your name does not have a check by it, I did not receive your email. Please check the course guidelines for all appropriate information regarding emailing me assignments.

As a reminder, I have opened the test paper option to all previous tests. The guidelines for this assignment can be found on the class website. Please note that the deadline (the date that the papers will be accepted) is one week from Friday. Please also note that the test paper for test 4 is due the day of the fourth test. I will not accept test papers via email or early/late. I do not revise test papers. I will give zeros for test papers that do not include the appropriate citations. Test papers CANNOT be written for tests that you have received a zero (0) grade for.

Please also note that I am closing the PSPM system as of this Friday. If you have already scheduled an experiment that will meet after this Friday, it is your responsibility to notify me of it. I will not give credit for experiments completed after this Friday unless I have previously cleared it. As of this email, I have not cleared any experiments to be completed after this Friday. 

Case study 7 will be posted later tonight and will be due Wednesday. I will make this announcement in class tomorrow.

Please check the course calendar as there are alot of due dates coming up.

Also, starting next week I will no longer be able to meet by appointment. Previou

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