Interesting Websites / Articles

Here are some interesting websites / articles that I have found which will help you see how the field of psychology can be applied to modern problems. However, they are not suitable for the completion of assignments. Feel free to submit ones that you have found which are relevant to your class. Th

Dr. Adam Butler's Tips on How to Get A's in College - Some important tips on how to do well in college.

Time Magazine - What Facebook Users Share - Research has shown that Facebook users have lower GPA's - read about it here.

ScienceBlog - How Wrong is it to use a kitten for sexual pleasure? - Research on the psychology of morality and cleanliness.

ScienceBlog - Excercise Your Eyes to Improve Recall - Research on how to improve your wrote memorization skills. Only for righties.

ScienceBlog - Monkey See, Monkey Like - Research is showing that even monkeys like people (monkeys) who imitate them.

ScienceBlog - *&&^*(& That Hurt!! - Why we swear when it hurts, and what function it serves.

ScienceBlog - Very Old, Very Young - Very Intelligent - New research on the elderly and the young uncovers that they are more intelligent than once thought.

ScienceBlog - Natural Born Liars - Why do we lie? Because we are good at it, thats why! (This is an article summary, not the full thing).

Time Magazine - The Secrets Inside Your Dog's Head - Evidence that dog's are not only socialized by us, but socialize us as well.

SciencBlog - Errors Make Us Learn - Evidence for the advice you get from your professors to quiz yourself over the material first, then read focusing on where you made mistakes.

ScienceBlog - The Certainty Bias - Why we should be cautious of people who are '100% certain' of anything.

HuffPost - This Is Your Brain on the Internet...

These links really don't have anything to do with psychology - mostly they are ways that I waste time. Not gonna lie...

XKCD - Its a webcomic.

Questionable Content - Another webcomic - but this one has anthropormorphic PC's!!

Pandora - Online music radio. Free for the first 40hours, then only a dollar for the rest of the month. Not bad considering.